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Capacity Building Network International is an Australia based capacity building and training organization. CBN primarily designs and conducts international capacity building workshops/training workshops/short courses for National, State and Local government officials, elected representatives, board members, project personnel, HRD managers, staff of parliaments/legislatures, public utility providers and bilateral and multilateral agencies.

To participate in these workshops, you will need to register and pay a course fee. Registration forms are available on the website or can be emailed to you upon request. Complete the registration form (one for each applicant) and email the same to CBN International Office at, and After receiving your registration form we will advise you about further steps you will need to follow.

No. For sponsorship you should apply to funding agencies.
Source of Funding, Sponsorship, Fellowship

1. CBN International is not a funding agency and therefore is unable to offer partial or full sponsorship.

2. Applicants should find their own sources of funding, either from their departments/governments or other sources including bilateral or multilateral agencies.

3. The majority of participants attending CBN International workshops are sponsored by their governments and departments.

4. However, some participants in the past had been successful in receiving partial or full sponsorship from international agencies such as DFID, UNDP, SIDA, CIDA, USAID, World Bank, GTZ, ADB, UNICEF etc.

5. Kindly note that none of the above funding agencies have any agreement with CBN International to provide sponsorship. We are also not aware of any other source of funding that is interested to sponsor participants in our workshops. Therefore, we are not able to provide participants with contact details of funding agencies.

6. The success of your application to receive a sponsorship will depend on:

a. your or your organization’s working relationship with a particular funding agency.
b. the degree to which you can convince a funding agency that your participation in the programme will benefit your current responsibility, improve your perform - ance and as aresult benefit the public.


7. It should be noted that obtaining fellowship is possible but very competitive. Applicants should therefore apply to more than one agency in order to increase their chances of being successful.

No. Participants should pay for their transport

If you provide CBN International with your arrival details in advance we will do our best to meet you at the airport. However, detailed information will be provided to all participants so that they can reach the venue without any problem.

We are not able to give you the price of your air ticket from your country to the destination. You should find out this information from your local travel agent. It is recommended that you contact at least three travel agents and compare prices.

Ground transport by coach for scheduled field visits within the countries being visited is covered by the course fee. No other transportation costs are covered.

Yes, but you should make your own arrangements for extra days and nights. If you choose to stay in the same hotels, we prefer that you make your own bookings and pay the hotel directly.

Yes, but the course fee will remain the same and your certificate will be different.

No. Participants must bear the cost of their air ticket.


Registration Form

Registration Form

If you are unable to register online, please send the following information by email ( and we will get back to you soon:

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How did you come to know about this programme (please tick):
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