CBN International

Previous Training Programmes

2003 (Previous Training Programmes)

SNO Course Duration Venue
1 International Workshop on ‘Leadership in Urban and Rural Development Management’

Focus: Urban Rural Development Management

January 17-29, 2003 Australia, New Zealand and Thailand
2 International Workshop on ‘Leadership in Urban and Rural Management’

Focus: Public Private Partnership, Local Government Planning, Development and Financial Management, Solid Waste Management & Sanitation, Traffic and Transport Planning and Control, Poverty Alleviation and Affordable Housing and Good Farming Practices

May 10-21, 2003 Australia
3 International Workshop on ‘Urban Management and Sustainable Development’

Focus: Financing Urban Infrastructure, Impact of Development on the Environment, Public Private Partnership, Solid Waste Management and Environment Management

September 15-26, 2003 Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague
4 International Workshop on ‘Leadership & Reform in Urban & Rural Management’

Focus: Reform Process by Johannesburg Local Government, Public Private Partnership Projects, Structural Reforms and Affordable Housing

December 2-13, 2003 South Africa and Egypt



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