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Tailor-made Programmes

Tailor-Made Workshops / Study Tours (Demand Based)

In addition to its regular supply based training workshops, CBN also conducts tailor made workshops upon request from governments/departments and/or funding agencies. Requests can be made for study tours / workshops relevant to good governance, urban development / local government, agriculture, energy, education, health sectors, treasury etc.

There are two types of tailor-made programme:

1.Sometimes a team participating in one of the scheduled workshops of CBN may request for an additional subject or may suggest some modifications in one or more of the modules. Under such circumstances, we make adjustments in the existing programme and tailor it to the interest areas of the team. To introduce such changes, a minimum of 8 participants will be required. In this type there will be participants from other countries too and subjects that we have advertised will be covered.

2. We can also make special tailor-made workshops / study tours with new dates and in countries of your choice. In this type your group will be the only participants and there will be no others. For organizing such courses, we need 15 or at least 12 participants. If there are at least 15 participants, we will provide one free slot and additional free services. In the recent past, especially tailor made training workshops have been conducted for:

a. Ministry of Health, Northern Province Sri Lanka on Capacity Building and HRD in Health Sector.

b. Ethiopian Electricity Agencies, Ethiopia on Procurement and Contract Management 

c. Office of the Premier, Gauteng Provincial Government, South Africa on Good Governance

d. Rural Energy Agency, Tanzania on Rural Electrification and Provision of Energy

e. Petroleum Deveopment Corporation, Tanzania on Energy and Gas

f. Gauteng Provincial Treasury, South Africa on Outcome Based Budgeting

g. Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Tanzania on Good Practices in Energy Sector

h. Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Uganda on Public Sector Leadership and Effective Delivery of Services

i. Rural Electrification Corporation Limited, India on Good Practices in the Power Sector


Special training/ study tours for your department can be organized on subject/s and in countries of your choice. The larger number of participants the cheaper cost. For Further information Contact:


CBN International on: +61 433 807 662, +61 433 807 663



Registration Form

Registration Form

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