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    Capacity Building Network International
    A pioneer organization dedicated to building the capacity of public sector through:
    Study Tour ( exposure to good practices )
    Training Workshops (short courses)
    Advisory Services  
    Research & Publications  
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    A Renowned International Organization
    headed by Dr. Behnam Tai
    Former Sr. Staff of United Nations & Visiting Professor to UNSW, Australia
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    Our Reputation is our strength
    3500 distinguished participants in the past 15 years
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    CBN Workshop are free from one way teaching. Learning at CBN Workshops is generated by exchange of international experience,
    exposure to good practices, highlighting of sharp concepts, consultation and analysis.

    Exposure to good practice

    Exchange of internation experience
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    CBN programmes are held in various countries including :
    Our Presence in the world
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    " I have participated in more than five international workshops
    in Africa, Asia and Europe. I found CBN training best of all..."
    Mr. Assefa Zerihun Tegegn, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation
    Directorate Ministry of Mines Ethopia
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    Dr. Indiraa Hridayesh, Hon’ble Minister Public
    Works Department,Govt. of Uttarakhand, India
    workshops of this nature are very useful as it provides us participants with an opportunity to
    see development that has occurred in these countries over the years, all the result of political will
    which is greatly lacking in India. Such exposure is important and we are greatly obliged to
    CBN International for providing our technocrats this opportunity… . We as Indians do possess the
    intelligence but practically we are unable to apply any of these concepts to our needs.
    All the good practices that we have seen during this programme may not be adoptable but with
    necessary adjustments we can definitely make them work…”
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    Mr. Silvester Okumu Kasuku, Infrastructure Sector Specialist,
    Office of the Prime Minister, Govt. of Kenya, KENYA
    The programme is educational, informative, inspirational and appropriate for
    leaders in developing countries to share experiences and shape the future together.
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    Mrs. Teh Poi Hong, Deputy Director,
    Accountant General Department, MALAYSIA
    Overall the programme and management was good, timings were excellent.
    I am satisfied with the course even though suffered from jet lag. Keep it up and all the best.
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    Hon. Mr. Mxolisi Dimaza , Majority Party Whip,
    Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, SOUTH AFRICA
    The programme is a very good, educational and mind opener. I think it should be broadened
    to include public sector managers. To me it is a very good programme especially for us in Africa.
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    Mr. Vidya Nand Garg, IAS, Housing Commissioner,
    UP Housing Board, INDIA
    the programme provided an all time high opportunity for capacity building for managers
    and administrators dealing with urban development. The programme highlighted the important fact
    that for the success of any public private partnership, there has to be a will
    to levy user charges by the authorities and a willingness to pay user charges by the users…
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    Hon. Ms. Noxolo Abraham-Ntantiso, Deputy Chairperson of
    Committees, Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, SOUTH AFRICA
    The programme is well packaged…congratulations on a powerful, innovative programme.
    Please, encourage countries to change delegations for broad capacitation. Those that have been
    empowered should goback & practice what they have learnt.


CBN designs and conducts international capacity building training workshops and study tours for Asia-Pacific and African elected representatives, government and semi government officials in different parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Egypt and South Africa.


When policy makers and officials are exposed to international good practices and extensive exchange of information, it broadens their vision, enhances their understanding and enables them to make innovative improvements to their policies and programmes back home.


CBN workshops/study tours/executive short courses are designed for National, Provincial and Local government officials, semi government/public sector undertakings, board members, administrators, urban & rural managers, infrastructure and public utility providers, staff of parliaments / legislatures, bilateral & multilateral funding agencies, HRD managers and elected representatives; members of parliament, legislators, mayors and councilors.